Anantha Heritage

Anantha Heritage


Offering the perfect food to complete your exceptional stay. When in Pondicherry, one of the things not to be missed is its food scene. At Anantha Heritage, we provide you with great food throughout the day. If there is ever a day where you can still expect delicious food here in our hotel.

Restaurant at
Temple View

Our breakfast is the perfect way to start your day in the morning. Served freshly made and customizable for certain dishes, our food will leave you feeling fulfilled, satisfied and ready for the day. As varied choices are available, you can be sure that there is something for everyone.

Our restaurant is certainly the definition of South Indian Menu. You might like South Indian food; you might like Western food. But at Anantha Heritage, you can have both, or even better – the fusion of the two. While our South Indian is authentic and enjoyed by both Traveler and foreign guests, our Western food will impress you just as much.